Investment Management

The directors of ARK Enterprises International LLC are aware of the importance of preserving the initial investment of investors as possible. To this extent, ARK Enterprises International LLC  has developed a unique investment return in regard to stage productions. Initial pre-production management fees have been kept to a minimum, and will not be claimed until such time as returns are made to investors and on the same principles. Management fees for the running of the production have also been kept to a minimum, and are only significantly returned by the recoupment principle, ensuring significant returns to investors from profits. Unlike most theatrical investments, returns will be made to investors on a regular basis ensuring, as far as possible, the return of initial investment and significant returns over and above that initial investment. Each recoupment is based on the amount of the full pre-production budget.

Investment Returns

Budgets on application give the figures for the pre-production costs and the returns in a running budget. All figures are given in US Dollars. With the running budget, the figures are based on an average-seat theater. Theater sizes may vary, and a budget of larger capacities is also included. Ticket prices have been kept to a minimum, and again may be increased in London and New York depending on the market and the artists involved. All investments of $50 or more from all sources will be deemed as investments for dividend payments from ARK Enterprises International LLC. Stage productions are, by their nature, of a variable risk. In this case, due to the uniqueness of the productions and the stature of the major artists, it is felt that such risk would be minimized. As such the returns will be as follows:

First Recoupment

Return to the investor of 50% of investment, plus a dividend of 20% of the full investment amount.

Second Recoupment

Return to the investor of the remaining 50% of the investment, plus a dividend of 20% of the full investment amount.

Remaining Dividends

Once the full investment has been returned, a dividend of 30% of the net profits of each recoupment of the original pre-production costs will be returned to the investor. Each dividend will be paid once recoupment has been made, equivalent to the original pre-production costs. All recoupments are equivalent to the original full pre-production costs, and will be paid at regular intervals.